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Event Format

We hold space for 40 survivors to break the silence during our 2-hour events. Survivors sign up to speak on-site at our events and can opt out at any time during the event itself.

Information for Survivors Breaking the Silence

When a survivor chooses to break the silence, they start by saying, "My name is..., I am a victim/survivor..." and conclude by saying, "I am breaking the silence." Each survivor who speaks gets 2-3 minutes to say what they wish to say.

Information for All Survivors

Whether or not you choose to break the silence, we believe you, support you, and stand with you. There is no right way to heal, and breaking the silence isn't for everyone. We support you whatever you choose. Additionally, we have trained advocates on hand if you want someone to talk to during the event.

Information for Allies

As survivors say their names and tell their stories, allies do not applaud but respond to each survivor by saying, "And you are strong. You are courageous. You are inspiring."

Additionally, we provide notecards so that allies can write and leave notes of support for survivors breaking the silence. If you're not sure what to write, consider writing the following: "I'm sorry that happened to you." "You are strong, courageous, inspiring." "You are not alone." "I stand with you." 


Will there be food at the event? 
Yes, there will be some complimentary snacks.

Will there be parking available? 
Yes, there is a free parking lot adjacent to the 301 on Main Event Center.

Can I bring my kids? 
We do not encourage people to bring their kids. While sexual abuse is a horror even the littlest ones in our community face, we do not encourage exposure to these stories at an early age. Additionally, we do not want survivors to feel they must censor their truths because they feel uncomfortable sharing what happened to a child.

Can I bring my pet?
Animals are not allowed into the event center unless they are ADA service dogs.

Please contact us if need a special accommodation.