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For 26 years, Sarah Super didn't think she knew a rape survivor. But on February 18, 2015, Sarah's ex-boyfriend broke into her apartment and raped her at knifepoint. Sarah stepped forward to identify herself in news reports about the story. By telling her story, many other survivors told theirs. The prevalence of sexual violence in the Twin Cities community became clear. 

By breaking the silence, survivors empower others to do the same. By breaking the silence, survivors personalize the statistics on sexual violence. When survivors break the silence, it connects those who haven't been assaulted to the issue of sexual violence in a visible, personal, and urgent way. When survivors break the silence, it invites other survivors to connect with that person, creating communities and connections where healing can occur.

Break the Silence creates platforms for survivors to identify themselves. We strive to end rape culture, hold perpetrators accountable, and support survivors of sexual violence in healing. Break the Silence has hosted community truth-tellings, started a survivor photography project, organized protests and rallies, created a singing group called "Survivor Voices," and has gained the support of the City of Minneapolis in declaring August 17th, 2016, "Break the Silence Day." Break the Silence has begun to change the conversation around sexual assault, and our work is just starting. Together we will create communities in which survivors can tell their stories and trust they will be met with validation, compassion, and trauma-informed support.


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