About the Project

This photo project, "Survivors of Minnesota: You are not alone," invites survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and rape to publicly state their names and share their stories in solidarity with other survivors choosing to do the same. Survivors across the state of Minnesota are invited to submit a photograph and a short narrative about their lived experience, suffering, and/or healing.

The entire collection of photos and narratives will be posted on our Facebook page on Break the Silence Day: August 16, 2017.

Participating in the Project

Your Photo:

  • The photo you submit can be a picture of yourself or of an object or a place that is meaningful to you on this journey.
  • Please do not submit a photo that includes someone other than yourself.
  • Please be mindful that images can be triggering and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Please submit a photo that you took or a photo that someone took of you. We honor copyright law. 

Your Narrative: 

  • Each photo will be posted with the person's full name and that they are a survivor. (E.g. "My name is Sarah Super, and I'm a rape survivor." or "My name is Kayla Little, and I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.")
  • After that opening sentence, survivors are invited to submit a narrative of 250 words or less to be included with the photo. This additional text is optional. Otherwise, your photo can be posted simply with your name and that you are a survivor.
  • For our legal protection, please do not use your perpetrator’s name in your narrative.
  • If you choose to write a narrative, please keep in mind that the narrative is reaching out to many other survivors with the underlying message that they are not alone.

Your Submission:

To have your submission posted in solidarity with others on August 16, 2017 (Break the Silence Day), please submit your photo, narrative, and waiver before August 14, 2017. Submissions made after August 9 will be accepted but may not be posted on Break the Silence Day. After Break the Silence Day, we will continue to grow the project and will accept submissions for future posting.

Part 1: The following components should be included together in one email to Kayla Little (KLittle@breakthesilence.org).

  • A photo (.jpeg format) 
  • A narrative (optional)

Part 2: The following should be completed on this webpage.

  • A completed waiver (located on this webpage)

The Album

The album, "Survivors of Minnesota: You are not alone," will be posted in its entirety on Facebook on August 16, 2017. Your name and the optional narrative will be posted with your photo but you will not be “tagged” in the photo unless you specifically ask to be tagged.

Also, posting a photo on Facebook creates the option for others to write comments. Only supportive comments will be allowed on photos in the album, and all negative or invalidating comments will be deleted by the Break the Silence Day page administrators. 

You are welcome to change your mind at any time and have your narrative updated or your photo removed altogether. Participating in the project is always your choice.

The Photo Project & the Memorial to Survivors of Sexual Violence

The memorial design includes a scan code that will link to the online photography project. You will receive an email to confirm your participation in this extension of the project prior to the memorial's completion.

Questions about the photo project "Survivors of Minnesota: You are not alone," can be sent to Sarah Super: ssuper@breakthesilence.org

Photo Project Waiver

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