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Break the Silence Day

Please join me August 18 for Break the Silence Day, a day in which survivors are invited to publicly share their experiences of sexual assault with friends, family, colleagues, and their communities to shed light on the many survivors who walk this healing path.

6:00 Welcome & Gathering
6:05 Break the Silence Guidelines & Agreements
6:10 Breaking the Silence: 

Survivors are invited to sit in circle and publicly share that they are survivors of sexual assault. They will be given 3-5 minutes to share their stories and name their perpetrators, but those details are not necessary in order to break the silence. The role of the survivor is to be courageous and to be mindful of time when sharing.

Community allies are welcome to gather outside and around the circle of survivors. Notecards will be available so that you may write words of support for survivors (you may also bring your own). The role of the community is to listen,to treat survivors with reverence for their courage, and to offer kindness and validation.

7:55 Closing

Later Event: November 10
Break the Silence: November 10